Still Time for Fuel Retailers to Apply for Funds from $2 Million Blender Pump Program

The Kansas Better Blends Initiative has awarded funds to two retailers who will add a total of 15 blender pumps for a total value of over $400,000. More applications have been received, but there is plenty of money in the program that originally offered more than $2 million is available to Kansas fuel retailers to add ethanol infrastructure. Kansas Better Blends Initiative is now accepting applications for program funded by the Kansas ethanol industry, corn and sorghum checkoffs, KDA and USDA’s Biofuels Infrastructure Program.


The Kansas Better Blends Initiative (KBBI) is an alliance of key partners in the ethanol industry.  Together, we will increase the availability of ethanol products in Kansas. We believe that providing access to clean, efficient and home-grown fuel is essential to improving our economy and our environment.  KBBI is making available $2.23 million directly to retailers for installation of new or retrofit equipment.


  • KBBI will provide awards covering up to 90% of the installation cost of blender pumps
  • KBBI funds will also cover up to 75% of the cost of single-use E15 pumps
  • KBBI will help promote through a grand opening and other educational activities
  • KBBI will provide funds to increase the visibility of ethanol fuels at participating stations
  • The effort will target high-volume retailers and those in high-traffic, high-visibility areas


Visit the Kansas Better Blends Initiative Web Page to view program description, application and other materials. 

If you are interested in applying for funding, please contact the Kansas Corn Commission at 785-448-6922, or email Kansas Corn CEO Greg Krissek at

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Apply early for the best chance to receive funding. KBBI will begin accepting applications in December.

The Kansas Better Blends Initiative is a partnership of the Kansas Department of Agriculture, Kansas Corn Commission, Renew Kansas, Kansas Grain Sorghum Commission, United Sorghum Checkoff Program, and ICM, Inc.  These organizations have committed matching funds and in-kind services to make this program a success with the help of a technical advisory committee. The USDA Grant is administered by the Kansas Department of Agriculture.