Kansas Corn Welcomes Higher Ethanol Blends at Three New Casey’s Locations

April 26, 2017–Three new Casey’s General Store locations have opened in Kansas offer higher ethanol blends of E15 and E85, according to the Kansas Corn Commission. Today, Casey’s General Stores, Inc., a Midwest convenience store chain, announced it will expand consumer choice by offering higher ethanol blends at 17 sites in Kansas, Illinois and Iowa. The Kansas locations will be in Topeka, Seneca and Smith Center.
E15 is a fuel that contains 15 percent ethanol and works well for any car 2001 and newer. Higher blends up to E85 are choices for flex-fuel vehicle owners.
“Kansas is excited to be a part of this new effort by Casey’s General Stores,” Kansas Corn Commission Chairman Kent Moore of Iuka said. “Casey’s was one of the early adopters of the E10 unleaded fuel that is now used by nearly all motorists in the U.S. Today, Casey’s and other fuel retailers are expanding consumer choice by offering higher blends of ethanol fuel. E15 fuel is a higher octane, high performance fuel at an excellent value. That’s good news for Kansas motorists and for Kansas corn farmers.”
The locations of the three new Casey’s General Stores that will offer higher ethanol blends are:
Topeka: 6741 SW 21st Street
Seneca: 1106 North Street
Smith Center: 205 W. Hwy. 36
“We like the potential that E15 and E85 could bring to Casey’s and are excited to provide our customers with a wide variety of fueling options” said Terry Handley, President and CEO of Casey’s. “We appreciate the assistance Growth Energy, and the farmers funding the corn checkoff in Illinois, Iowa, and Kansas have invested in our E15 and E85 program.”
The Kansas Corn Commission, Illinois Corn Marketing Board and Iowa Corn Promotion Board along with Growth Energy are assisting Casey’s with their new program. The retail chain has over 1,950 convenience stores across 15 states making it the nation’s fourth largest.
Casey’s adoption of higher biofuel blends marks a major milestone for renewable fuel availability, especially across rural America where demand for higher ethanol blends is at an all-time high. The Kansas Corn Commission is active in funding expansion of higher ethanol blends for motorists in Kansas and across the nation to increase demand for ethanol and for corn.
The Kansas Corn Commission is also active in the Kansas Better Blends Initiative (KBBI), working to bring higher ethanol blends to Kansas fuel retailers. Higher ethanol blends through the KBBI are now available at seven locations and with nine additional locations in progress. For more information on Kansas stations that offer E15 and higher blends, visit https://kscorn.com/ethanol, or visit http://getethanol.com for stations across the U.S.