Kansas Corn Partners with Kansas Pork to Drive Demand

The Kansas Corn Commission is partnering with the Kansas Pork Association to drive demand for pork products through the month of October. KPA has worked to promote October as Porktober and highlight pork products in retail stores. This partnership has three main components all focused on driving demand for pork.

Coupon offer will include 15,000 digital coupons to pork lovers nationwide. The coupon offer will be promoted via an email newsletter subscription list of over 11,000, via KPA’s 75,000+ Facebook likes, and via Instagram. To receive this coupon, each person will need to watch a video of a Kansas pig farmer, featuring corn in his feed. The coupons will be focused on ham.

Wichita Costco store will have a great deal on pork in-store on pork tenderloins will be on sale and include an in-store sampling on Saturday, October 21.

Together we will partner with KPA and local social media and blogger gurus to promote the various aspects of pork as a versatile meat and encourage consumers to either check out the in-store promotion or watch the video for the digital coupon.
This partnership with KPA is one of the various market development projects we are embarking on to drive demand of corn in all forms. Stay tuned or visit our website as we continue to feature our partnerships and how we are working to drive demand for products in small and large ways.  If you have questions about this partnership, please contact Stacy Mayo-Martinez, industry relations director, smayo@ksgrains.com.