Kansas Corn Growers Encouraged to Enter State, National Yield Contests

The Kansas Corn Yield Contest has joined with the National Corn Yield Contest (NCYC) and is open for registration. Now, Kansas growers who enter the NCYC are automatically entered in the Kansas Corn Yield Contest. To participate in the Kansas contest, you must enter NCYC. This will simplify entry and also build Kansas participation in both contests.
The Kansas Corn Yield Contest is sponsored by Kansas Corn and K-State Research and Extension. In the Kansas Corn Yield Contest, growers compete for cash prizes and recognition for irrigated and non-irrigated yields in ten districts. Prizes at the state and district levels will still be awarded at the Kansas Corn Symposium in January 2022, separate from the national awards.
“The Kansas Corn Yield Contest is designed to recognize outstanding growers as well as create a way to share data and practices to improve profitability. This year, the entry process for the Kansas contest has been streamlined to allow growers to submit one registration and one harvest form to be entered in both the national and state contests. We are excited to increase entries through this approach. We appreciate this partnership with K-State Research and Extension that encourages innovation and celebrates farmers who achieve exceptional yields,” said Kansas Corn’s Director of Grower Services, Deb Ohlde.
Early entry into the two contests is available until June 30, 2021 with a $75 per online entry for NCGA/KCGA members. After June 30, the entry fee increases to $110. The final entry deadline is August 18, 2021. Growers often work with their seed companies for assistance and sponsorship of their entries. Harvest Forms are to be submitted between August 19 and November 30, 2021.
Prizes for the Kansas Corn Yield Contest will be awarded at the state and district levels. District winners will receive a $300 cash prize and a plaque. Second place winners will receive a $200 cash prize and third place will receive a $100 cash prize. The highest yielding dryland and irrigated entries statewide will each receive an additional $500 cash prize and plaque.
For complete yield contest rules, and links to register, visit kscorn.com/yieldcontest. For more information, call Kansas Corn at 785-410-5009, or email dohlde@ksgrains.com.