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Careers In Corn

In the next five years, we have more people retiring from the ag sector than incoming employees to fill their positions. What can we do about that?

We can help students identify and explore career pathways in agriculture.

Careers in Corn can help student through with the following:

  • Agriculture is changing every day and many of the positions that are sparking that evolution are not traditional “ag” jobs
  • Locate and secure internships
  • Identify events and conferences that connect to a student’s chosen pathway
  • Provide them opportunities to visit with industry professionals; to ask questions and learn more about educational commitments and work/life balance
  • Make them better communicators! Encourage students to split up when they go to conferences and meetings; to meet new people and not only make connections, but follow-up on those connections.
“We had a great turnout and students took away some valuable information. Everyone that presented encouraged students to take more ag business classes and diversify more. It was nice to hear what others had done since graduation, and it was really cool to have some FHSU Grads available for the discussion.”
– Stephanie Eckroat, Ellis County Collegiate Farm Bureau Coordinator

Are you an advisor or faculty member looking to get your students more involved in the ag industry? Schedule an on-campus visit!

The on-campus visit allows students to learn about the corn industry and the multifaceted career paths it provides. It also brings local industry professionals to your campus.

By signing up for a visit you can expect from the Kansas Corn Growers Association (KCGA) team:

  • A 1-2 hour scheduled event to be arranged at a time that best fits your programming schedule
  • Industry professionals in your area will visit with your students about their chosen profession and the company that employs them
  • Internship information
  • Scholarship information
  • Pizza or snacks, depending on time of event, provided for those who attend and drawings for KCGA student memberships

In return, our team will expect from you:

  • Confirmed number of students attending
  • Adequate meeting space
  • Timely communication


  • By committing to a Careers in Corn visit by February 16, 2018, you will be entered into a drawing for a $150 Visa gift card.
  • A $250 Visa gift card will also be awarded to the both the two year/technical program and four year institution that has the greatest number of students in attendance at their on campus event.

For more information about the Careers in Corn program, and our other collegiate opportunities, visit, or contact Laura Handke, Kansas Corn Collegiate Coordinator, at 913-370-3496 or