Discover More About Careers in Corn!

In the next five years, we have more people retiring from the ag sector than incoming employees to fill their positions. What can we do about that?

We can help students identify and explore career pathways in agriculture.

Careers in Corn can help student through with the following:

  • Introducing positions that are not traditional “ag” jobs
  • Locate and secure internships
  • Identify events and conferences that connect to a student’s chosen pathway
  • Provide opportunities to visit with industry professionals; to ask questions and learn more about educational commitments and work/life balance
  • Encourage students to split up when they go to conferences and meetings; to meet new people and not only make connections, but follow-up on those connections.
“We had a great turnout and students took away some valuable information. Everyone that presented encouraged students to take more ag business classes and diversify more. It was nice to hear what others had done since graduation, and it was really cool to have some FHSU Grads available for the discussion.”
– Stephanie Eckroat, Ellis County Collegiate Farm Bureau Coordinator

 Read more about the program through Jaylie Weseloh’s guest blog, Careers in Corn From the Eyes of a College Student.

Thank you to everyone who attended our 2018 Spring Careers in Corn Tour. We will be headed back on the road in the fall to visit our next round of Kansas colleges and universities.

If you would like more information about scheduling a visit to your campus keep scrolling down to get more information.