Find Your Fit with Kansas Corn and Get Rewarded!

Kansas Corn Challenge

The Kansas Corn Growers Association is excited to introduce the Kansas Corn Challenge. We realize that our members all find a different place to fit in and support KCGA. We want to recognize and thank those that go above and beyond. Participating in the new Kansas Corn Challenge is easy. We will show you appreciation for participating, recruiting friends or taking action. No need to track your points; we’ll do that on our end. Once a month, if you’ve reached a new point level, you’ll receive some great Kansas Corn swag as our thanks for engaging with Kansas Corn. We are already tracking points and the first round of prizes will have been sent out. The point count will restart each calendar year, and we will recognize the top engaged participants from the previous year at the Corn Symposium.

What you get with your Corn Challenge points

5 points              Kansas Corn t-shirt
10 points            Kansas Corn coffee cup made with corn plastic
15 points            Kansas Corn lunch container and lunch box
20 points            Kansas Corn leather gloves
30 points            Kansas Corn short sleeve button up or polo
40 Points+          To be announced!

How do you earn Corn Challenge points? 

2 points              Use #kscorn in a relevant, public post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram
2 points              Attend Kansas Corn Symposium
2 points              Attend Kansas Corn School
2 points              Attend Kansas Corn District Listening Tour stop
2 points              Complete a Kansas Corn policy electronic “call to action”
5 points              Recruit a member (make sure they list you on their form or online)
5 points              Host a Kansas Corn Chat (see below for details)
5 points              Participate in the 2019 Kansas Corn Yield Contest
5 points              Apply for Kansas Corn Next Generation Scholarship

If you have questions about the Corn Challenge or any of the ways to get involved, contact Stacy Mayo-Martinez, for more information!

Corn Challenge Update

New T-Shirts and New ways to earn points!
We are excited to see so many of you engaging across the state in various ways with Kansas corn. More than 600 individuals have earned points, with approximately 10% of those farmers having already earned a thank you prize. All it takes is 5 points to get this awesome new t-shirt design sent your way!


New opportunity- Use #kscorn in your public posts on social media
If you are on social media and are posting about your corn season, markets, policy issues, fueling up with ethanol, eating corn-fed meat, etc, use #kscorn and make sure you post is public on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and you’ll get 2 points for each post up to 16 points a month. If you have questions on how to make sure you get your points, reach out to us on the platform with a message and we’ll make sure to help you out, or email us at


Host a Corn Chat!

What is a Corn Chat, and how do I host one?
Create local gatherings to talk about issues or topic updates relevant to area farmers. No formal presentation, more conversational and local. Event would be held over coffee or drinks at the choice of the host.

Host: The chats are hosted by farmers or industry partners. They pick a date and location and work with to confirm the date. They then invite local farmers with the commitment to get at least 10 farmers to attend.

Kansas Corn: Our Corn Crew regional reps will be the initial point of contact for any interested local host. At least one Kansas Corn staff will attend depending on the topic. We will promote the chats in our newsletter and on our website, and pick up the cost of the drinks.

If you have questions about the Corn Chat, or would like to discuss hosting one, contact Stacy Mayo-Martinez, for more information!